If you have always been fascinated by the dynamics of flying, aeroplanes and the science behind it, commercial pilot training is a right career choice for you. The pilot training course helps provide wings to your aspirations and dreams. The job of the pilot requires skills of very high value and is very specialised. To be a commercial pilot one requires extensive knowledge of air navigation, how to lead aircraft under extreme and adverse circumstances, interpretation of meteorological reports, operating electronic and mechanical controls. Using one of the international training schools does offer students the ability to study at some of the best schools in the world. In places such as America and New Zealand, the climate, coupled with incredibly busy airspaces, means pilots are able to study in some of the best training environments possible. International schools also provide students with international exposure, which can help to further their career as a commercial pilot, whilst also taking between eight and ten months to complete the course.

Pilot IN ABROAD: Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Philippines, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, South America